Learn Stoicism. For real.

My name is Marcus, and I've created an app to share with you the teachings of Stoicism.

As we all know

1. Life is
what it is

  • Anxiety
  • jealousy
  • feeling unaccomplished
  • sometimes sadness
  • regrets of the past
  • fear of the future

Life is what it
is, because,

2. We want
too much

  • Our irrational emotions take control
  • We do not know what is good and what is not

Ancient Greeks would say that we suffer because we are sick; and we are sick because we are ignorant.

We go by our days without really questioning what really matters. We care more about external outcomes than strengthening our soul;

and as a result, we suffer more in imagination than in reality.


There is a solution to the internal turmoil, which is to :

3. Transform oneself.

As our nature, at its very core, does not need much to live well.

We need to make an agreement with ourselves to see the world a bit differently, to:

Seek being rational

Seek being rational

Seek being Good

Seek being Good

Seek temperance

Seek temperance

To live good is to live a bit more philosophically, ... But not in the sense of an academic pursuit, but in the sense of practicing philosophy, just a little bit, every day

Seek wisdom ... to find happiness

Our mind can change when we work on
understanding the world around us and our attiturdes



You can mold your
mind by

4. Exercising

Your reasoning

Your reasoning

And trying to live like a philosopher

Live Like A Philosopher

It is about choosing the way you want to live, changing your opinions and your views on the world, shaping your internal discourse, liberating yourself from your preconceptions of what you think should be,

by refining your character

You can transform yourself by Exercising

I won’t lie to you, it is a journey, not a quick self-development fix.

I will accompany you

in entering a new, comprehensive philosophical system. Based On Stoicism

mainly, but I also lean towards other philosophical systems sometimes and found also truth in eastern spiritualities like Buddhism and Taoism. And in psychological views which echoes to the way I have chosen to see the world.

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Stop dwelling
on the past

Don’t compare
yourself with other

Don’t worry

Free yourself from
the judgment of other

Clean away
negative thoughts


Gradual Learning

Allowing you to absorb the theory at the right pace, sometimes structured, sometimes more organic in the spirit of the old Mediterranean and Oriental traditions.


Guided meditations

Spiritual exercises based on stoicism, bringing peace and mindfulness to your daily routine.



To challenge your mind and boost your knowledge.


Rewriting module

To infuse your unique perspective into your learnings, by reinterpreting in your own words the wisdom of the ancients.

Come with us.

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Philosophy is not wisdom. It is the exercise of wisdom

And in the end, it is not the result or the efficiency that matters, but the true, genuine intention to do well that matters.